ATMOS ENT Workstations - Designed to optimize workflow


ATMOS C11 ENT Treatment Cabinet

Big Thinking, Compact Design

Introducing the all-new ATMOS C11!

The affordability you need - the integrated features and ergonomics you've come to expect from ATMOS.

The ATMOS C11 is designed to grow. Modular in nature, you can start with the basics and expand as your needs grow. The ATMOS C11 is an investment in your facility’s future. Expanded storage, advanced visualization capabilities, and many other custom options allow you to equip your C11 as you need it, when you need it.

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ATMOS S61 Standard

German Luxury at an Affordable Price

Atmos S61 SMR Cabinet

The ATMOS S61 Standard takes luxury into new directions at a price that is affordable to almost anyone. The Standard module contains the most important basic workstation functions. The ATMOS S 61 Standard SMR Cabinet is perfect for a small budget or a start up practice and can be upgraded when it is necessary.
The ATMOS S 61 Standard is designed for the most demanding clinic and practice use.


The ENT Workplace with Functionality and Design

Atmos C31 ENT Treatment Unit

The ATMOS C 31 is the perfect integration of superior quality equipment in an efficient, ergonomic workstation. Ear irrigations can be completed in seconds since the water supply and instruments are right at your fingertips in the workstation. Compressed air sprayers and suction tools are instantly activated when the handles are lifted. The microscope illuminates for enhanced view as soon as it is grasped.

ATMOS S61 Professional

The new benchmark in ENT Technology

Atmos S61 Professional Workstation

The ATMOS S 61 Professional includes everything you need for ENT diagnoses and treatment in one product and can be tailored to your preferences. When your practice grows you can upgrade your ATMOS S 61 ENT Treatment Cabinet with additional storage or equipment modules.

ATMOS Patient & Doctor Chairs

Comfortable, ergonomic seating for the ENT office.

Atmos Patient and doctor chairs

The ATMOS Patient and Doctor Chair line focuses on examination comfort.  From the minute your patient sits on an ATMOS Chair the office visit becomes a more relaxing experience. The exam chairs can be easily adjusted to the right position, for both patient and doctor.